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January 16, 2010

Promptly Response To The Miss Caroline's Sweet Call

let it be a smile

i've a problem when communicating in english.such a feeling over-whelmed me.i bet it will becomes my worst enemy for years to mother,concern about my problem,has always encourage me to talk in english.she says that if i'm going for further studies in the foreign country i've to master english."english has becomes the lingua franca of the world.everbody is using order to master english the method of writing,listening,speaking and reading can be very useful ,"she said.right now i really baffled with the anxiety i've towards english.i love to read and listening,but speaking?nahh...i don't think so.oh about writing...from now onwards i will make writing post in english once a week a compulsary.but as usual my grammar will be kucar-kacir haha

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