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November 30, 2011


World. I have never expected you to be this cruel. All the good things I heard about you from mum's nursery rhyme wasn't true. How could you?

All right readers , perhaps I have been carried away.All thanks to this avant-garde film - Arranged.

Okay this film is great splendid wonderful awesome but most importantly this film has passion ! I'm not an established film critic but I got to say that this fine of art really unfolds the idea of integrity in between different religions , in this case Islam and Judaism. Okay I think that's pretty good enough to tease you guys. Recommended to all , especially fellow comrades :
Tukang karut Tuan Besar YC Ahmad Kassim

notanoti: maaf komrad , gua tau gua tau kali ni tak deep!maaf sekali lagi.

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