satu fenomena baru dalam arena blogawan. followers itu hanya ilusi mainan di petang hari melambatkan proses berdikari hingga kita jadi lupa diri. kami menulis dengan penuh passion dan ilmiah.

December 4, 2011

Purify Your Head Son!

it's okay , it's alright , I think I got it right!
Okay I will write in my mother tongue now haha yeah right. Writing with rebellious mind and passionate hand , just like usual eyyy mate?

Have you ever wonder about your life? Wonder upon all the things happen in your life and why it actuallly happened?Have you? Okay I'm not going to talk about this actually.

Now now take a deep breath and say your prayer.This is such a wonderful life so make it happier!

Okay I just writing this to make sure I kept my passion intact. I will going to take a long leave. Hopefully fellow comrades : Awe Tanjung Badar Pengawas Ike will steadfastly maintain and sustain this blog's passion and awesomeness! I know you guys are fit enough for it. Better not to be like the match between ever-champion Manchester Bersatu and Villa Aston last night. Dude , where are their resilience ! But I put my believe in you comrades! I do believe! But please, please don't make my belief goes astray.

جزيرة اللؤلؤ here I come!

notanoti: teruskan passion ya komrad! ni lagu untuk kasi naik sikit passion. selamat bercuti!

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